Our Story

Vogue started in 1990 with the desire to make British mattresses at affordable prices, by 1993 the company had out grew the Leicester City centre premises and located to the rural Leicestershire village of Barwell.
Over the decades the company grew to become and innovative bed and mattress manufacturer, supplying the UK and Irish markets.
Vogue was invited to join the NBF (National Bed Federation) in 1998 and the Founder and MD of the company become an executive director in 2007 and went on to become the President of the 100 plus Bed Federation in 2015.
Vegan Mattress by Vogue Beds
Vogue even though the company is over 30 years old, it’s still a young company, since the Managing Director started the company when he was 21, Ebrahim Patel commented when asked about the Vegan Mattress,
“I was fortunate in the era I grew up in the 80’s, the environment was starting to become a hot topic, especially how we looked after planet, so here at Vogue since its inception we have always tried to find ecological, ethical solutions in manufacturing, I was asked to make an ‘animal free’ mattress over 15 years ago but it wasn’t possible. Making a sustainable product is also a great sustainable business model, making products that last, so I kept persevering and it paid off”
Vegan Mattress in a simple roomset