Why Vegan ?

Why Vegan?

Because we care, we want the planet to be here, we understand carbon output from farming is too big, and we know mattress fillings do not need to be tested on animals. More people are becoming vegan for these reasons, we know that there is more to vegan then just food. We know it’s not for everyone but mattress manufacturing doesn’t need to involve animals. 

Vegan certified

Our mattresses have been certified by the Vegan Society, this is important to us we didn’t just want to make a collection of mattress that are Vegan friendly we wanted someone else to check our working out, make sure our ingredients all meet their standard.

The Vegan Society created the word Vegan back in 1944 so who better to certify our mattresses.

Clever Low Carbon Fillings

Our mattress uses fillings made from recycled plastic bottles stopping these bottles ending up in landfill. 

Warranty - 5 year warranty and free recycling,

We know your body changes year by year, the NBF say you should change your mattress every seven years because you change, and because of this you don’t get the best from your mattress. That why when you replace your Vegan  mattress with another one after 7 years, we will recycle the old one for free, our mattresses our 100% recyclable.